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Degree Programs

               BBA/ BSCS/ B. Com/ MBA/ MS

Awarding Bodies: University of Balochistan / Virtual University

Study Degree Courses

Want to get a qualification that will help you develop or change your career? Learn a subject in depth? The PEARL Institute could provide the flexibility, the qualifications and the top-class teaching you’re after. For all degree courses you need to qualify the admission criteria. And with our blend of subjects in Business, IT, Commerce and Management Sciences and innovative study materials, you’ll get an exceptional learning experience.

PEARL is providing up to date knowledge in the field of IT and Management Sciences. We are backed by a team of highly qualified professional and programmers with modern facilities and have contacts with national and international expertise sharing same objectives and information to set values and ethical practices with devotion, honesty, consistency & integrity.

Graduate Degree Program

It’s easy to see why Commerce, IT, Business and Management are such a popular study choice among students, and why hundreds of leading employers each year sponsor their staff in these courses. A competitive global economy means a good grounding in IT and business is becoming more and more essential if you want to get ahead in life. PEARL Institute with the affiliation of University of Balochistan offers the following Bachelor Degree Programs:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)                         [4-Years]
  2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences (BSCS)           [4-Years]
  3. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)                                            [2-Years]


Postgraduate Degree Program

Since its creation in 1999 the PEARL Institute has built an enviable reputation as a disciplined professional training education, and has supported various postgraduate students on Virtual University masters programs. Virtual University of Pakistan offers Masters Programs in the area of Computer Science, Information Technology and Business Administration. These programs are designed for students to enter highly exciting & challenging fields and rapidly evolving 21st century economy.

  1. MCS (Master of Computer Science)
  2. MIT (Master of Information Technology)
  3. MBA (Master of Business Administration)


  1. MCS (Master of Computer Science) for VU Graduates
  2. MIT (Master of Information Technology) for VU Graduates
  3. MBA (Master of Business Administration for VU Graduates)

For more information please contact the Program Director Mr. Aamir Shaheen or the Managing Director Mr. Aamir John during all working hours. For detailed discussion we advice you to confirm your appointment from the information desk on the following numbers:

Tel: 820615 / 081-2820616 / 081-2838357 / 081-2838358

Mail: info@pearl.edu.pk / pd@pearl.edu.pk / md@pearl.edu.pk