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English Language program

        Department of English Language & Applied Linguistics

One Year Diploma

English language skill is vital need for higher and technical education. We believe that English is today required for more purposes than ever before, because economically and politically the World has changed more rapidly in the past few years than at any time before. The emerging global economy is both competitive and inter-dependant that reflects the availability of modern communications and production technologies in the World. Therefore PEARL has established English Classes to fulfill the need and concern about the future of English Language.

PEARL Language Department is proud to offer its unique program of courses designed specially to cater the needs of those aspiring for distinction and excellence not for today but for tomorrow as well.

IELTS Training

IELTS is the world’s proven English test. Over 1.4 million candidates take the test each year to start their journeys into international education and employment. IELTS is recognised by more than 6000 institutions in over 135 countries. You can rely on IELTS - the test that sets the standard.

For more information please contact the Program Director Mr. Aamir Shaheen or the IELTS Coordinator Mr. Kaleemullah Queresh during all working hours. For detailed discussion we advice you to confirm your appointment from the information desk on the following numbers:

Tel: 820615 / 081-2820616 / 081-2838357 / 081-2838358

Mail: info@pearl.edu.pk / ets@pearl.edu.pk / md@pearl.edu.pk

One Year Diploma

General Stage:

(Speaking, listening and reading exercises)

Technical Stage:

(Pure grammar, Technical Points and written exercises)

Advance Stage:

(Public speaking, presentation and discussion exercises)

Professional Stage:

(Professional dealing, case studies & simulation exercises)

International Testing and Preparatory Classes


Duration: 8-Weeks

Fee: Rs. 6000/-

Certificate Course in Drafting

Duration:2-M Rs.2500/-


Duration: 6-Weeks

Fee: Rs. 6000/-

Structural English Language

Duration: 1-M Rs. 1250/-


Duration: 6-Weeks

Fee: Rs. 4000/-

Weekend Executive Classes

Duration:2-M Rs 3000/-


Duration: 6-Weeks

Fee: Rs. 4000/-

Special Grammar Classes

Duration: 2-M Rs.2500/-